Unpaid Wages

Does your employer owe you unpaid wages? There are a number of ways in which employers may cheat employees out of the full and fair wages to which they are entitled. The following are just a few examples of employer wage theft:

  • failure to pay overtime wages owed to an employee;
  • failure to pay the minimum hourly wage to employees;
  • miscalculation of the employee’s wages;
  • unlawful deductions from an employee’s pay; and
  • failure to reimburse an employee for business expenses paid out of pocket.

There are many other situations in which an employee may be entitled to unpaid wages.

Both state and federal law provide employees with legal rights to recover unpaid wages from their employer in certain situations. If you believe your employer owes you unpaid wages, it’s imperative that you take action immediately. Because of the complicated administrative process that may apply to your claim, short filing deadlines, and maze of employment laws that might apply to your case, employees who may be owed unpaid wages should contact the Wagoner Law Firm without delay for a free case evaluation.    

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