Coronavirus Outbreak: 7 Legal Issues to Prepare for Now

In this video, employment lawyer Nick Wagoner of the Wagoner Law Firm describes 7 legal issues related to the coronavirus pandemic that may affect you in the coming days and weeks, including:

  1. President Trump’s Europe Travel Ban
  2. Coronavirus Cancellations
  3. Do Employees Have a Right to Work from Home?
  4. Forced Quarantines and Lockdowns
  5. Paid Sick Leave Laws
  6. Job Protection for Employees Out on Sick Leave
  7. Court Closures & the Coronavirus’s Impact on Pending Lawsuits

The covid-19 virus has affected our daily lives in many ways. The coronavirus outbreak has affected our legal system as well. This video covers seven legal issues that you may encounter as the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States.

As the number of Americans infected by the coronavirus continues to rise, an increasingly large portion of our nation’s working population will be forced to take sick leave from work.

This video provides an overview of paid sick leave laws in the United States at the federal, state, and local levels.

The video also discusses the job protections afforded to certain employees while out of work because of the coronavirus or other serious illness under the Family and Medical Leave Act.