Unemployment Benefits Eligibility Requirements in Texas

In recent weeks, the Texas Workforce Commission and other unemployment offices across the country have been flooded with new applications for unemployment benefits. A staggering number of Americans have been laid off due to the coronavirus and the efforts to stop its spread.

If you were recently laid off by no fault of your own, you may have questions about unemployment benefits. You may be wondering whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits.

In this video, employment lawyer Nick Wagoner answers the question, “Am I eligible for unemployment benefits?” To answer this question, Nick addresses the following items:

  1. How to Determine Your “Base Period Wages”
  2. Qualifying Job-Separation Requirement
  3. Work-Registration Requirement
  4. Citizenship/Work-Authorization Requirement
  5. Ability Requirement
  6. Availability Requirement
  7. Ongoing Job-Search Requirement
  8. Reemployment Activities Requirement
  9. Contact Requirements

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