10 Dangerous Intersections in Plano, Texas for Car Accidents

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Plano, Texas saw a staggering 2821 car accidents at intersections in 2023, involving 5885 vehicles and 8119 people in 2023. In this article, we’ll examine the Plano’s top 10 intersections for car accidents in 2023.

This article is based on data from the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT).

The below heat map illustrates the distribution of car accidents throughout Plano, Texas, in 2023, pinpointing the locations with the greatest risk for drivers:

Heat Map of 2023 Car Accidents in Plano, Texas (TXDOT)
Heat Map of 2023 Car Accidents in Plano, Texas (TXDOT)

The following cluster map of 2023 car wrecks at intersections in Plano offers a detailed view of specific high-incident areas:

Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents in Plano, Texas (TXDOT)
Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents in Plano, Texas (TXDOT)

Here’s an overview of this article:

10. Jupiter Rd. & 14th St.: A Danger Zone for Plano Car Accidents

Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Jupiter Road & 14th Street (TXDOT)
Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Jupiter Road & 14th Street (TXDOT)

In Plano, Texas, the junction of Jupiter Road and 14th Street stands out for its high accident rate. In 2023, this spot saw 22 car crashes.

This area is bustling, bridging residential zones with commercial hubs. Nearby points of interest include:

  • the Courtyard Theater, which hosts various arts and cultural events, adding a vibrant cultural dimension to the area​​;
  • Urban Rio Cantina & Grill;
  • Fish Shack;
  • Jorg’s Cafe Vienna;
  • Lockhart Smokehouse;
  • 1418 Coffeehouse; and
  • Salvation Army’s Plano location.

Additionally, several schools are close to this intersection, adding to traffic during mornings and afternoons.

Jupiter Road is a busy north-south route. 14th Street cuts through east-west, leading to several key Plano areas.

Here are some factors contributing to the danger at this intersection:

  • High traffic volume: Heavy traffic, especially during rush hour, can overwhelm drivers.
  • Complex traffic lights: Complex traffic signals here confuse many drivers.
  • Turn lane bottlenecks: The intersection’s design has minimal turn lanes, leading to frequent bottlenecks.
  • Pedestrian traffic: Pedestrian crossings are also close, adding to the chaos.
  • Driver negligence: speeding, running red lights, distracted driving, and turning vehicles that fail to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic are frequent causes of crashes at this intersection.

The following are common injuries resulting from car wrecks at the intersection of Jupiter Road and 14th Street:

If you drive through this intersection, stay alert and practice defensive driving.

9. Coit Rd. & W. Spring Creek Pkwy.: A Risky Intersection for Plano Drivers

Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Coit Road & W. Spring Creek Pkwy
Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Coit Road & W. Spring Creek Pkwy. (TXDOT)

In 2023, 22 car accidents occurred at the intersection of Coit Road and W. Spring Creek Parkway in Plano, making it one of the city’s most hazardous crossings.

This intersection is in a bustling area of Plano, connecting residential neighborhoods with commercial and retail zones. The nearby Walmart Supercenter on Coit Road draws considerable traffic.

The layout and flow of traffic at this intersection are essential factors to consider. Characteristics include:

  • Major Arteries: Both Coit Road and W. Spring Creek Parkway are significant routes in Plano, experiencing heavy daily traffic.
  • Design and Signals: The intersection’s configuration and traffic signal timing may lead to driver confusion, especially during busy periods.

Key factors that contribute to the high number of car wrecks at this intersection include:

  • Volume of Traffic: The intersection’s role as a thoroughfare for Plano increases collision risks.
  • Complex Traffic Signals: Challenges in navigating the traffic lights can lead to misunderstandings and accidents.
  • Retail and Commercial Presence: The vicinity of large stores, such as Walmart, adds to traffic complexity with vehicles constantly entering and exiting​​.

Understanding common negligent actions at this intersection can help drivers be more vigilant. These behaviors often include:

  1. Rushing Yellow Lights: Speeding to beat the red light can result in crashes.
  2. Lack of Attention: Distractions can divert focus from the road and signals.
  3. Unsafe Lane Changes: The dense traffic makes changing lanes without adequate caution dangerous.

8. Independence Pkwy. & Legacy Dr.: Navigating Plano’s Busy Legacy Business District

Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Independence Parkway & Legacy Drive (TXDOT)
Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Independence Parkway & Legacy Drive (TXDOT)

In 2023, the intersection of Independence Parkway and Legacy Drive witnessed 23 car accidents.

Located at the heart of Plano’s bustling Legacy Business District, the intersection connects diverse retail, dining, and service options to Plano’s residents and visitors.

Legacy Drive Village, adjacent to the intersection, offers a diverse range of amenities:

  • Retail Options: Stores such as Bricks & Minifigs and Once Upon A Child​​​​.
  • Dining: Restaurants including Lita’s La Mexicana and Angelo & Vito’s cater to varied tastes​​​​.
  • Services: A mix of service providers from healthcare to legal services is available​​.

Several elements may contribute to the intersection’s high accident rate:

  • High Traffic Volume: A significant flow of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Complex Intersection Design: The layout can be challenging to navigate, especially during peak hours.
  • Commercial Activity: The concentration of businesses increases the likelihood of congestion and accidents.

7. Dallas North Tollway & W. Park Blvd.: Accident Hotspot Near the Shops at Willow Bend

Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Dallas North Tollway & W. Park Blvd. (TXDOT)
Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Dallas North Tollway & W. Park Blvd. (TXDOT)

The Dallas North Tollway & W. Park Blvd intersection, near the Shops at Willow Bend, has been a focal point of traffic concerns, recording 24 car crashes in 2023.

The Shops at Willow Bend, a shopping center with a diverse range of stores including Dillard’s, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus, adds to the area’s traffic due to its popularity among residents and visitors​​​​. This mall’s strategic location and its array of dining and shopping options make it a bustling area, especially during peak shopping times.

The Dallas North Tollway itself is a major thoroughfare that facilitates quick and convenient travel across multiple cities from downtown Dallas to Prosper, making it an essential yet busy route for drivers​​.

Its intersections, like the one at W. Park Blvd, often become hotspots for traffic congestion and accidents, particularly with drivers entering and exiting the highway.

The risks at this intersection are compounded by several factors:

  • The high volume of vehicles due to the Dallas North Tollway being a major route and the attraction of the Shops at Willow Bend.
  • The mix of local and through traffic can create complex driving conditions, especially with drivers trying to navigate into and out of shopping center areas.
  • Distracted driving, likely heightened by the proximity to busy retail locations, and impatience in heavy traffic can lead to dangerous situations.

Given these conditions, accidents in this area can result in severe outcomes, such as spinal damage and serious lacerations, highlighting the need for heightened caution.

To navigate this intersection safely, consider the following tips:

  • Stay alert for sudden stops and traffic pattern changes, especially when approaching or leaving highway exits.
  • Pay extra attention to pedestrians and vehicles in the shopping center’s vicinity.
  • Avoid distractions and focus on the driving environment, particularly during peak hours when the traffic volume is higher.

6. I-75 & W. Spring Creek Pkwy.: A Collision Course Near Collin College

Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at I-75 & W. Spring Creek Pkwy. (TXDOT)
Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at I-75 & W. Spring Creek Pkwy. (TXDOT)

There were 27 motor vehicle collisions reported at this intersection in 2023.

I-75 runs straight down the center of Plano, dividing the city into East Plano and West Plano.

This area is particularly risky due to its proximity to Collin College and heavy traffic from both the highway and local roads. The presence of nearby shopping destinations also increases vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Collin College Campus in Plano, Texas
Collin College Campus in Plano, Texas

Understanding the intersecting roads helps in grasping why this spot is challenging for drivers.

  • I-75: This major highway experiences heavy traffic, with vehicles traveling at high speeds.
  • W. Spring Creek Parkway: A vital local thoroughfare that sees a mix of vehicular types and speeds.

The intersection’s design and traffic patterns contribute to its danger level.

  • Heavy Traffic Flow: The combination of fast-moving highway traffic with slower local movements creates a complex driving environment.
  • Complex Signage: Drivers often struggle to understand signage near the intersection, leading to sudden lane changes and stops.

Driving behaviors that contribute to accidents here are varied, but often involve basic errors:

  • Speeding: Many drivers exceed the speed limit, increasing accident severity.
  • Distracted Driving: Paying attention to phones instead of the road is a common problem.
  • Improper Lane Changes: Unsafe lane changes are a frequent cause of collisions.

5. Dallas North Tollway & Headquarters Dr.: Gateway to Corporate Offices

Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Dallas North Tollway & Headquarters Dr. (TXDOT)
Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Dallas North Tollway & Headquarters Dr. (TXDOT)

The intersection of Dallas North Tollway and Headquarters Drive in Plano, Texas had 29 car accidents in 2023, according to TXDOT.

Located at the heart of Plano, the intersection of Dallas North Tollway and Headquarters Dr. is a notable hub for both traffic and commerce. Here are some highlights about the location and nearby attractions:

  • Granite Park: A sprawling 90-acre mixed-use development that includes class-A office spaces, a full-service Hilton Hotel, retail shops, and numerous dining options. Granite Park epitomizes the commercial and social vibrancy of Plano​​.
  • Legacy West in Plano: Legacy West is a vibrant shopping, dining, and entertainment hub. It attracts many visitors during lunch and dinner time, with 20 stalls in the Legacy Food Hall.
  • Four Points by Sheraton Plano: Just off the Dallas North Tollway, this hotel is conveniently located near Plano Legacy West, offering easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options. It serves as a comfortable base for visitors exploring the area​​.

Key aspects of the intersection and its surrounding area include:

  • High Traffic Volume: The Dallas North Tollway and Headquarters Dr. intersection is heavily trafficked due to its central location among corporate offices and popular commercial destinations.
  • Complexity and Layout: The intersection’s design, featuring multiple lanes and turn options, contributes to its complexity and the potential for driver confusion.

Understanding these dynamics can help explain the relatively high number of accidents reported in the area. Common forms of vehicular negligence leading to these incidents often include speeding, distracted driving, and failure to adhere to traffic signals.

Accidents at this intersection tend to range in severity, from minor to more serious collisions resulting in significant injuries. The high speeds at which cars travel on the Tollway, coupled with the congested nature of the intersection, can increase the likelihood of severe outcomes.

4. Dallas North Tollway & W. Plano Pkwy.: A Retail and Residential Mix with Crash Risks

Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Dallas North Tollway & W. Plano Pkwy. (TXDOT)
Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Dallas North Tollway & W. Plano Pkwy. (TXDOT)

This intersection experienced a concerning 29 car accidents in 2023.

Located near a mix of residential neighborhoods and popular shopping areas, the Dallas North Tollway & W. Plano Parkway intersection sees a complex blend of traffic patterns. The Dallas North Tollway (DNT) is a major highway with fast-moving traffic, while W. Plano Parkway connects suburban areas filled with commuters and shoppers.

Here’s why this intersection poses a risk to Plano drivers:

  • High traffic volume: Both the DNT and W. Plano Parkway carry significant traffic, especially during peak hours.
  • Merging and lane changes: Drivers entering and exiting the highway must navigate multiple lanes and adjust their speeds quickly.
  • Potential distractions: Nearby stores and restaurants can draw drivers’ attention away from the road.
  • Impatience and aggressive driving: Drivers rushing to get to their destinations may make risky decisions.
  • Injuries can be severe: The potential for high-speed collisions increases the risk of serious injuries.

3. Preston Rd. & Legacy Dr.: Commercial Hub with High Accident Rates

Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Preston Rd. & Legacy Dr. (TXDOT)
Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Preston Rd. & Legacy Dr. (TXDOT)

In 2023, the intersection of Preston Road and Legacy Drive witnessed 33 car accidents.

This busy intersection is a major commercial hub in West Plano, surrounded by offices, shops, apartments, and restaurants. Preston Road serves as a major north-south artery, while Legacy Drive provides access to a range of popular destinations.

Factors contributing to the danger of this intersection include:

2. Dallas North Tollway & Legacy Dr.: A Notorious Spot for Car Crashes

Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Dallas North Tollway & Legacy Drive
Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at Dallas North Tollway & Legacy Drive

With a concerning 41 car accidents in 2023, the Dallas North Tollway and Legacy Drive intersection is a major hazard for Plano drivers.

The Dallas North Tollway and Legacy Drive intersection is a major hub for corporate offices in Plano. Here are some of the large corporations located in the area:

  • Toyota Motor North America Headquarters: Toyota’s massive and impressive HQ campus is one of the most prominent landmarks along the Tollway. 
  • JPMorgan Chase: One of the largest financial institutions in the world has a regional headquarters located near this intersection. 
  • Liberty Mutual: This major insurance company has a large office tower in the area. 
  • FedEx Office: The printing and shipping giant has a large campus near the intersection. 
  • NTT DATA: A leading IT services and consulting company has offices in the area. 
Businesses at Legacy West in Plano, Texas
Legacy West in Plano, Texas (Courtesy of KDC)

Here’s what makes this intersection dangerous:

  • Heavy Rush Hour Traffic: The presence of these large corporations contributes to the heavy commuter traffic and potential for congestion near the Dallas North Tollway & Legacy Drive intersection, especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours.
  • Complex layout: Multiple lanes, turning movements, and merging traffic increase the risk of driver error.
  • High-speed traffic: Vehicles on the Tollway travel at highway speeds, creating potential for severe collisions.
  • Aggressive driving: Drivers in a hurry might tailgate or make unsafe lane changes.
  • Distractions: The busy environment and nearby destinations can divert attention.
  • Potential for serious injuries: The combination of high speeds and traffic volume raises the likelihood of severe injuries in an accident.

1. TX-121 & Preston Rd.: Plano’s Most Dangerous Intersection for Car Accidents

Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at TX-121 & Preston Road (TXDOT)
Cluster Map of 2023 Car Accidents at TX-121 & Preston Road (TXDOT)

Plano drivers, take note: the intersection of TX-121 (Sam Rayburn Tollway) and Preston Road was the site of a concerning 45 car accidents in 2023, earning it the title of the city’s most dangerous intersection.

This high-traffic area sits near major attractions like Stonebriar Centre mall and the Frisco Roughriders’ stadium – destinations that contribute to traffic congestion and driver distraction.

Stonebriar Centre Mall near the intersection of TX-121 & Preston Road
Stonebriar Centre Mall Near the Intersection of TX-121 & Preston Road

Why is this intersection so dangerous?

  • Massive traffic volume: TX-121 is a busy highway, and Preston Road is a major route connecting Plano to surrounding areas.
  • Highway merging/exiting: Entering and exiting the Tollway demands quick maneuvers, increasing accident risk.
  • Distractions galore: Nearby entertainment hubs can easily divert drivers’ attention.
  • Impatience leads to danger: Drivers in a hurry often make risky decisions in this congested area.
  • Severe injuries are possible: High-speed highway collisions can have devastating consequences.

Driving tips for TX-121 & Preston:

  • Stay alert: Avoid distractions and focus on the road.
  • Increase following distance: Allow extra space for sudden stops.
  • Be patient: Don’t rush, and avoid aggressive driving behaviors.

Injured in a Plano Car Accident? A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

How a Plano, Texas Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident – especially one at a dangerous Plano intersection – can be incredibly stressful. Medical bills, lost wages, and the pain of your injuries can feel overwhelming. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you shoulder these burdens.

Here’s how a car accident lawyer can support you:

  • Understanding your options: A lawyer will explain the legal process involved and help you understand your rights.
  • Investigating the accident: They’ll carefully investigate the circumstances of your accident to build a strong case on your behalf.
  • Communicating with insurance companies: Lawyers are skilled at dealing with insurers, ensuring you’re not pressured into an unfair settlement.
  • Advocating for your best interests: If negotiations for a fair settlement break down, a lawyer will be prepared to fight for your rights in court.

Focus on recovery, not legal battles. If you’ve been injured in a Plano car accident, consider consulting with an experienced car accident lawyer to discuss your options and learn how they may be able to help you navigate the process.


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