10 Dangerous Intersections in Dallas for Car Accidents

Navigating the streets of Dallas can be a challenge, especially when it comes to certain intersections known for their high accident rates. Data provided by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and hosted on Dallas OpenData reveals the intersections with 50 or more reported accidents from 2015 to 2019.

Here are the 10 most dangerous intersections in Dallas:

10. IH-635 & Hillcrest Road: A Hotspot for Auto Accidents

The intersection of IH-635 and Hillcrest Road in Dallas marks the start of our list with alarming statistics of 109 accidents and 81 injuries.

Driving through this intersection requires extra caution for several reasons:

  • Busy Traffic: IH-635 is a major freeway in Dallas, often crowded with vehicles. High traffic volume increases the risk of collisions. Drivers should be extra cautious, particularly during rush hours.
  • Complex Intersection: This intersection’s design can be confusing. Multiple lanes and busy traffic flows make navigating it tricky. Drivers often face sudden lane changes and merging traffic, leading to accidents.
  • Speed and Distractions: High speeds on IH-635 combined with common distractions inside vehicles raise the likelihood of crashes. Drivers should maintain a safe speed and focus on the road.
  • Environmental Factors: Weather conditions and the quality of road signage also affect safety. Rain or poor lighting can reduce visibility, making it harder for drivers to react in time.
  • Safety Tips: To navigate this area safely, reduce speed, stay alert, and avoid distractions. Be ready for sudden changes in traffic flow and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

9. US Highway 175 & TX-12 Loop (Buckner Boulevard): A High-Risk Intersection for Dallas Drivers

Ranking 9 on our list, the intersection of US Highway 175 and TX-12 Loop (Buckner Boulevard) has seen a substantial number of car wrecks, with 121 accidents and 78 injuries.

Here are several factors that make this intersection particularly dangerous:

  • High Traffic Volume and Complex Layout: This intersection is a critical junction where two major roadways in Dallas meet. US Highway 175 is a significant route that experiences heavy traffic flow, particularly during rush hours. Its convergence with TX-12 Loop, a busy arterial road, creates a complex traffic pattern that can be challenging for drivers to navigate. The high volume of vehicles, combined with the intricate layout of this intersection, significantly increases the chances of collisions.
  • Diverse Traffic and Frequent Lane Changes: The intersection sees a diverse mix of traffic, including commuters, commercial vehicles, and occasional out-of-town visitors. This diversity can lead to a variety of driving behaviors and speeds, making the road conditions unpredictable. Frequent lane changes and merges are common at this intersection, often leading to confusion and misjudgment, which are common precursors to accidents, especially side-swipe and rear-end collisions.
  • Environmental Factors: The local environment also plays a role in the safety of this intersection. Factors such as weather conditions, the quality of road signs and signals, and road surface maintenance can impact driver visibility and vehicle control. Adverse weather can make the roads slippery, while poorly maintained road signs or signals can create confusion, contributing to the risk of accidents.
  • Navigating Safely: To safely navigate the intersection of US Highway 175 and TX-12 Loop, drivers should be particularly vigilant. It is advisable to anticipate the actions of other drivers, reduce speed when approaching the intersection, and avoid distractions. Staying aware of the surrounding vehicles and being prepared for sudden stops or lane changes is crucial.

8. TX-12 Loop (South Buckner Boulevard) & Military Parkway: Navigating the Hazards of East Dallas

The intersection of TX-12 Loop (South Buckner Boulevard) and Military Parkway in East Dallas is a notable point of concern for drivers, ranking as the eighth most dangerous intersection in the city with a concerning record of 121 accidents and 108 injuries.

The reasons for this high rate of incidents are multifaceted, involving factors beyond just intoxicated driving.

  • Diverse Factors Leading to Accidents: While driving under the influence remains a significant issue, accidents at this intersection are also frequently caused by poor road conditions, such as uneven surfaces and potholes. These issues often force drivers to make abrupt maneuvers, increasing the risk of collisions. Additionally, failure to control speed on the service roads around this intersection is a common cause of accidents.
  • Challenges Posed by Road Maintenance: Road maintenance activities, including the placement of hazard cones and the presence of maintenance crews, add to the complexity of navigating this area. These elements can lead to unexpected traffic pattern changes and lane closures, catching drivers off guard and potentially leading to accidents.
  • Stalled Vehicles and Traffic Flow Interruptions: The presence of stalled vehicles at or near this intersection is another factor contributing to its dangerous nature. Such incidents can disrupt traffic flow abruptly, creating hazardous conditions for unsuspecting drivers.
  • A Tragic Reminder of the Intersection’s Risks: A stark reminder of the dangers posed by this intersection was a tragic early morning crash that resulted in two fatalities. This incident, detailed in a Fox News report, highlights the severe consequences that can arise from the combination of various risk factors present at this location.
  • Safe Navigation Tips: Drivers passing through the TX-12 Loop and Military Parkway intersection must exercise extreme caution. It is crucial to stay alert to changing road conditions, maintain safe speeds, especially on service roads, and be prepared for sudden traffic changes due to road maintenance or stalled vehicles. Being vigilant for signs of impaired drivers, particularly during night hours, is also essential for safety.

In summary, the TX-12 Loop and Military Parkway intersection’s high accident rate can be attributed to a mix of impaired driving, poor road conditions, maintenance-related disruptions, and stalled vehicles. These factors combine to create a challenging and hazardous driving environment. Understanding and anticipating these risks are key to safely navigating this intersection and can be crucial for those involved in accidents in managing their legal and insurance matters effectively.

7. IH-35E & TX-12 Loop: Navigating the Dallas Nightlife Hub

Situated near the renowned Cowboys Red River dance hall, the intersection of Interstate Highway 35E (IH-35E) and TX-12 Loop holds a notorious reputation for traffic incidents, having witnessed 130 accidents and 92 injuries.

This intersection, second on our list, lies in a bustling zone of Dallas, where a mix of nightlife, heavy traffic, and often challenging road conditions converge to create a uniquely hazardous driving environment.

  • Proximity to Nightlife and Constant Traffic: Cowboys Red River, a popular dance hall, along with numerous motels, restaurants, and bars in the area, draws a significant amount of traffic, contributing to the intersection’s high accident rate. The constant influx of vehicles, including those of night revelers and tourists, adds to the traffic complexity. This mix results in varied driving behaviors and patterns, which can be unpredictable and increase the likelihood of accidents.
  • Poor Road Conditions: The road conditions around this intersection frequently contribute to its peril. Weather-related wear and tear, along with the high volume of traffic, can lead to deteriorating road surfaces. Poor road conditions, such as potholes or uneven surfaces, can cause drivers to lose control or make sudden maneuvers, leading to collisions.
  • Diverse Traffic at All Hours: The presence of nightlife establishments like Cowboys Red River means that this intersection sees significant traffic at all hours, including late at night when visibility is reduced and drivers may be more likely to be fatigued or under the influence. The combination of tired or impaired drivers and reduced visibility significantly elevates the risk of accidents.
  • Navigating This High-Risk Intersection: Drivers passing through the IH-35E and TX-12 Loop intersection, especially during evenings and nights, need to be particularly vigilant. Anticipating erratic driving behaviors, maintaining a safe speed, and being aware of the road conditions are essential for safely navigating this area.

In summary, the IH-35E and TX-12 Loop intersection, influenced by its proximity to Cowboys Red River and the associated nightlife, presents unique challenges. The blend of high traffic volume, poor road conditions, and the 24/7 active environment demands careful navigation and heightened driver awareness. For those involved in accidents at this intersection, understanding these

6. IH-635 & Greenville Avenue: Navigating Through Construction and High Traffic

At the intersection of Interstate Highway 635 (IH-635) and Greenville Avenue in Dallas, drivers face a challenging and often hazardous journey. This intersection, notorious for its complexity and heavy traffic, has recorded a concerning 130 accidents and 109 injuries.

A major contributing factor to the high number of wrecks at this intersection is the extensive ongoing construction, which has significantly altered the driving landscape.

  • Impact of Construction Work: The construction at IH-635 and Greenville Avenue has introduced a myriad of challenges for motorists. The absence of shoulder lanes removes a critical safety buffer for drivers, increasing the risk of collisions, especially during sudden traffic stops or emergencies. Additionally, the high volume of vehicles navigating this area day and night, coupled with the presence of construction cones and constantly changing traffic lanes, creates a dynamic and unpredictable driving environment. These factors demand heightened driver attention and quick adaptation to the evolving road conditions.
  • Reduced Lanes and Detours: The construction work often results in reduced lane availability and unexpected detours. These changes can lead to confusion among drivers, particularly those unfamiliar with the area, and increase the likelihood of accidents, including side-swipe and rear-end collisions.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Traffic: Greenville Avenue bridge over IH-635 is a busy thoroughfare for pedestrians and cyclists. The mix of pedestrian and bicycle traffic crossing the bridge adds an additional layer of complexity to the intersection. Drivers must be particularly vigilant to ensure the safety of these more vulnerable road users.
  • Navigating Through the Intersection: To safely navigate this intersection, drivers are advised to reduce their speed, pay close attention to signage, and be prepared for sudden lane shifts or detours. Being aware of the heavy construction and its impacts is crucial for safe passage through this area.

In summary, the IH-635 & Greenville Avenue intersection represents a perfect storm of high vehicle traffic, ongoing construction, reduced safety features, and mixed pedestrian and bicycle crossings. These factors combined make it one of the most challenging and dangerous intersections in Dallas.

For those involved in accidents at this location, understanding these unique conditions is vital for addressing injury claims and navigating the legal complexities that may arise.

5. Belt Line Road & Dallas Parkway: A Traffic Hotspot in Addison, Texas

Nestled in the heart of Addison, Texas, near the iconic Galleria, the intersection of Belt Line Road and Dallas Parkway is a key location marked by a high incidence of traffic accidents. This intersection, crossing over the Dallas North Tollway, is surrounded by prominent places of interest such as Gloria’s Latin Cuisine, the Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum by the Galleria, Addison Airport, and numerous large office buildings. The area’s blend of business and leisure activity makes it a bustling hub, especially during peak hours.

Concerning Accident Statistics

At Belt Line Road and Dallas Parkway, the reported figures stand at 137 accidents with 66 injuries. These numbers are significant, reflecting the intersection’s status as one of the most accident-prone in the area. A notable aspect of these accidents is their timing, with the majority occurring during rush hours as people commute to and from the many office buildings nearby.

Factors Leading to Increased Accidents

Several factors contribute to the high accident rate at this intersection:

  1. Rush Hour Traffic: The peak office hours in the morning and evening see a surge in vehicular traffic. This increase, coupled with hurried commuters, often leads to congestion and heightened accident risks.
  2. Diverse Road Use: The intersection’s proximity to various attractions and amenities, including restaurants, hotels, and the airport, attracts a diverse mix of traffic, from commercial vehicles to personal cars and pedestrians.
  3. Complex Intersection Dynamics: The crossing over the Dallas North Tollway adds to the complexity of navigating this intersection, with multiple lanes and traffic signals to contend with.

Safety Tips for Navigating the Intersection

To safely navigate this busy intersection, motorists are advised to:

  • Exercise Caution During Rush Hours: Anticipate heavy traffic and potential delays, especially during peak commuting times.
  • Be Aware of Diverse Traffic: Look out for different types of vehicles and pedestrians, and be prepared for unexpected movements.
  • Obey Traffic Rules: Adherence to traffic signals and speed limits is crucial to prevent accidents in such high-traffic areas.

Legal Support for Accident Victims

For those affected by accidents at this intersection, legal assistance is crucial. A personal injury lawyer with experience in car accident claims can offer invaluable support, guiding victims through the legal process, from filing claims to securing appropriate compensation for any injuries or damages incurred.


The Belt Line Road and Dallas Parkway intersection in Addison, Texas, near the Galleria Dallas, is a critical area for drivers, particularly during rush hours. Understanding the factors contributing to its high accident rate and following safety guidelines can help in avoiding potential incidents. In case of an accident, seeking professional legal advice is an important step toward effective resolution and recovery.

4. IH-30 & TX-12 Loop: A High-Risk Intersection Near Town East Mall

The intersection of IH-30 and TX-12 Loop, located in the vicinity of Town East Mall in Mesquite, Texas, is a notable point for traffic incidents.

While the mall itself isn’t a direct contributor to the traffic woes, the intersection’s issues stem from other significant factors such as high traffic volume, road wear, ongoing maintenance, and narrow shoulders.

Disturbing Traffic Statistics

With 152 reported accidents and 73 injuries, the IH-30 and TX-12 Loop intersection stands out as one of the most hazardous in the area. These statistics not only reflect the high traffic volume but also underscore the need for cautious driving in this region.

Key Factors Leading to Accidents at this Intersection

Unlike typical urban intersections, the challenges at IH-30 and TX-12 Loop are multifaceted:

  1. High Traffic Volume: As a major junction, this intersection sees a heavy flow of vehicles. The high volume increases the likelihood of accidents, particularly during rush hours.
  2. Road Wear: Over time, the roads around this intersection have become heavily worn. This deterioration can lead to hazardous driving conditions, especially in adverse weather.
  3. Ongoing Road Maintenance: Frequent maintenance activities, necessary for road safety, often result in temporary lane closures or detours, contributing to confusion and increased accident risk.
  4. Narrow Shoulders: The limited shoulder space at this intersection leaves little room for error. This constraint can make it difficult for drivers to maneuver in emergencies or avoid sudden obstacles.

The Need for Legal Guidance

For those involved in accidents at this intersection, the path to recovery can be complex. Injuries and the resulting financial burden can be overwhelming. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can play a crucial role in these situations, offering guidance through the claims process, dealing with insurance companies, and ensuring that victims receive fair compensation.


The intersection of IH-30 and TX-12 Loop near Town East Mall in Mesquite, TX, is a reminder of the challenges posed by high-traffic areas. Understanding the reasons behind its high accident rate — high volume, road wear, maintenance, and narrow shoulders — is crucial for drivers. In the unfortunate event of an accident, professional legal assistance is vital for navigating the aftermath effectively and securing rightful compensation.

3. TX-12 Loop & TX-348 Spur: A Challenging Intersection Near Dallas Landmark

The intersection of TX-12 Loop and TX-348 Spur is a noteworthy point in Dallas, not just for its traffic statistics but also for its location and ongoing construction challenges. Situated just south of where Loop 12 diverges from I-35, this intersection is also notable for its proximity to Cowboys Red River, a renowned dance hall and saloon that’s a staple of Dallas nightlife.

High Accident Rates and Location Dynamics

Recent statistics paint a concerning picture for this Dallas intersection: 163 accidents, with 105 resulting in injuries. Its proximity to popular destinations and major highways adds to the complexity of traffic patterns here. TX-12 Loop & TX-348 Spur is not just an ordinary crossing; it’s a hub of constant movement, drawing in both local and through traffic.

  • Proximity to Key Dallas Landmarks: The intersection’s location, a stone’s throw from Cowboys Red River, adds to its frequent traffic. This famous dance hall and saloon is a destination for many, contributing to the already busy traffic flow in the area, especially during evenings and weekends.
  • Current Construction Woes: Adding to the intersection’s challenges is the ongoing construction, expected to last until November 2024 according to Google Maps. The construction has led to frequent closures of Loop 12 exits and on-ramps, creating a maze of construction barriers with little to no shoulder space. This not only disrupts the usual traffic flow but also poses a significant hazard to drivers, particularly those unfamiliar with the changing road patterns.
  • The Impact of Construction on Safety: The construction-related disruptions have significantly contributed to the danger of this intersection. The limited shoulder space and sudden lane closures can catch drivers off guard, increasing the likelihood of collisions. Moreover, the presence of construction equipment and barriers adds an extra layer of risk, especially when visibility is low.


The TX-12 Loop & TX-348 Spur intersection, with its high accident rate, proximity to popular Dallas landmarks, and ongoing construction, represents a significant challenge for drivers. Caution and heightened awareness are essential for anyone navigating this area.

For those affected by accidents here, legal assistance can provide crucial support in dealing with the aftermath, from managing insurance claims to pursuing compensation for any losses or injuries sustained.

2. IH-635 & Midway Road: Navigating a High-Risk Intersection Near Farmers Branch, Texas

The intersection of IH-635 and Midway road is a high-risk area, with 183 accidents and 141 injuries.

The following is a video of the Dallas Fire Department responding to a car accident at the intersection of Interstate Highway (IH) 635 (Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway) and Midway Road in November of 2023:

The intersection of IH-635 and Midway Road stands out as a notably hazardous area in Dallas, marked by a startling 183 accidents and 141 injuries.

This intersection’s high accident rate can be attributed to a confluence of factors, each contributing to the complexity and danger inherent to this busy juncture.

  • Heavy Traffic Volume: IH-635, also known as the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway, is one of the most heavily trafficked highways in the Dallas area. It serves as a crucial artery for commuters, commercial vehicles, and local traffic. The intersection with Midway Road, a significant crossroad, only amplifies the traffic density. The sheer volume of vehicles, especially during peak hours, increases the likelihood of collisions. Traffic congestion can lead to driver frustration, resulting in aggressive or careless driving behaviors such as speeding or abrupt lane changes, which are common precursors to accidents.
  • Complex Intersection Design: The layout of the IH-635 & Midway Road intersection itself may contribute to its danger. Complex intersections, especially those involving major highways, often require drivers to make split-second decisions under stressful conditions. This intersection likely includes multiple turn lanes, merging lanes, and possibly confusing signage, all of which demand high levels of driver attention and quick decision-making. Mistakes in such a complex traffic environment are more likely and can have severe consequences.
  • Road Construction and Changes: Interstate Highway 635 has been subject to ongoing construction projects aimed at improving the highway. However, in the short term, such construction can increase the risk of accidents. Frequent changes in lane closures, temporary signage, and the presence of construction equipment can confuse drivers and lead to unexpected traffic patterns. Drivers may find themselves in unfamiliar situations, leading to hesitation or wrong decisions that result in collisions.
  • Environmental Factors: Environmental factors such as weather conditions, lighting, and road surface quality also play a role in the safety of an intersection. Poor lighting at night or slippery conditions during rain can significantly increase the risk of accidents. Additionally, if the road surface at the intersection is worn or damaged, it can contribute to vehicle control issues, leading to collisions.

Common Accident Types

While specific data on the types of wrecks common at this intersection was not readily available, we can infer based on general trends at busy intersections. Rear-end collisions are likely common, stemming from sudden stops, distracted drivers, and tailgating. Side-swipe accidents may occur as drivers change lanes without adequately checking for other vehicles. Given the high speeds on the freeway, these accidents can be particularly dangerous.

In summary, the IH-635 & Midway Road intersection’s high accident rate is likely due to a combination of heavy traffic, complex intersection design, ongoing road construction, and environmental factors. Each of these elements contributes to a challenging driving environment where accidents are more likely to occur. To improve safety at this intersection, a thorough analysis and targeted measures addressing these specific issues would be essential.

1. IH-635 & Skillman Street: The Most Dangerous Intersection in Dallas for Car Accidents

Topping the chart, this intersection is the most dangerous with 256 accidents and 153 injuries, making it the number one spot where drivers should exercise the utmost care.

The intersection of Interstate Highway 635 & Skillman Street in Dallas is particularly dangerous and prone to accidents for several reasons. While specific details about the types of accidents common at this intersection were not found, the intersection’s high accident rate can be attributed to factors common to dangerous intersections in Dallas and, more specifically, to ongoing construction work in the area.

Factors that contribute to higher accident rates at this intersection include:

  1. Heavy traffic volumes and congestion
  2. Complex and changing intersection layouts requiring more decision-making
  3. Limited visibility
  4. High travel speeds
  5. Frequent pedestrian crossings
  6. Lack of improved shoulder lanes
  7. Construction barriers, vehicles, and equipment

For the intersection of IH-635 & Skillman Street, one of the most significant factors contributing to its danger is the ongoing construction as part of the 635 East Project. This $1.74 billion project aims to improve mobility, operations, and safety along Interstate 635 in Dallas County.

The construction, which began in spring 2020 and is expected to last until 2025, has led to changes in traffic patterns, reduced lane widths, and possibly contributed to the higher accident rate. The project is part of the Texas Clear Lanes initiative, which targets the most congested areas in the state.

The following is a design schematic for the improvements that are under construction at IH-635 and Skillman Street:

The following is a video clip of a vehicle taking the eastbound exit ramp off of IH-635 East to the Skillman Street intersection in Dallas, Texas. Notice the traffic, construction equipment, concrete barriers, lack of improved shoulders, and narrow lanes:

IH-635 Eastbound Exit Ramp 16 to Skillman Street Intersection (December 2023)

The next video clip shows a vehicle approaching the intersection of IH-635 and Skillman Street. The video captures a white SUV running a red light. This happens far too often at this intersection and is one of the reasons why it’s the most dangerous intersection in Dallas for auto accidents.

SUV Running a Red Light at the Intersection of IH-635 Service Road and Skillman Street (December 2023)

The following video shows traffic at the intersection of IH-635 (Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway) and Skillman Street.

Traffic at Intersection of IH-635 & Skillman Street Intersection

The ongoing construction and other factors mentioned above contribute to a variety of collision types, including rear-end, side-swipe, and T-bone accidents, which are common at busy intersections.


These intersections represent the most challenging and hazardous areas for drivers in Dallas. Remember, awareness and defensive driving can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. For more information on traffic safety and accident prevention, you can visit Texas Department of Transportation or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


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