10 Dangerous Intersections in Fort Worth for Car Accidents

Fort Worth road map

Car accidents are a big worry for anyone on the road. In Fort Worth, Texas, some spots are more risky than others. I’m here to talk about the 10 most dangerous intersections in this city for car wrecks.

This article is based on data in TXDOT’s CRIS system.

Here’s an overview:

10. Benbrook Traffic Circle in Fort Worth

21 accidents took place here in 2023.

This historic landmark in southwest Fort Worth is a large roundabout, where traffic flows in a circle around a central island.

While roundabouts can improve traffic flow and safety, they also pose risks if drivers don’t use them properly. Failure to yield, improper lane changes, and speeding create dangers, especially in a large circle like this one.

Landmarks near this intersection include Western Hills High School, North Z Boaz Park, Magnolia Motor Lounge, and the Benbrook YMCA.

9. IH-20 & Mansfield Hwy./W Kennedale Parkway

This interchange in southeast Fort Worth saw 23 accidents last year.

Multiple lanes of traffic entering and exiting the highway create congestion, particularly during rush hour. Merging mistakes, misjudging the speed of highway traffic, and aggressive driving often lead to collisions at this location.

8. Decatur Avenue & SH-183

Clocking in at 24 accidents in 2023, this intersection near the Fort Worth Stockyards is a danger zone for drivers. The lure of the Fort Worth Stockyards, with its iconic cattle drives, live music venues, and historic saloons, attracts a steady stream of visitors unfamiliar with the area.

Fort Worth Stock Yards street with traffic
Fort Worth Stock Yards

Combine that with the presence of other local attractions like the Fort Worth Zoo and Trinity Railway Express station, and you have a recipe for heavy traffic and potential confusion.

Decatur Avenue itself is a major thoroughfare, carrying a significant amount of local traffic throughout the day. This high volume, mixed with drivers turning onto or crossing SH-183 to reach the Stockyards or other attractions, creates a dangerous situation.

Left-turn accidents are particularly frequent at this spot. Be extra cautious when approaching this intersection, and double-check for oncoming traffic before making any turns.

7. SW Loop 820 & S. Hulen Street

Located in southwest Fort Worth near Hulen Mall, this intersection is the site of approximately 24 car accidents a year.

Entrance to Hulen Mall in Fort Worth, Texas

Impatient, distracted shoppers contribute to crashes, with fender benders and rear-end collisions being common due to sudden stops and unexpected lane changes.

6. IH-35W & SH 170 (Alliance Gateway Freeway)

This interchange in north Fort Worth experienced 26 accidents in 2023.

As with other highway intersections, the fast-moving traffic and complex merges create risks, especially for drivers unfamiliar with the area. Be sure to check your blind spots carefully and avoid sudden lane changes when navigating this intersection.

5. IH-35W & US-287

This major interchange in north Fort Worth had 31 car accidents in 2023.

It’s a central hub connecting Fort Worth to many of its suburbs, and the sheer volume of cars and trucks traveling on this stretch of I-35W makes even minor driving errors incredibly dangerous.

Stay alert for lane changes, sudden braking, and aggressive drivers, as these behaviors frequently contribute to crashes in this high-traffic area.

4. US-287 & SH-183

This intersection, nicknamed “The Gateway to the West” by some locals, sits near the crown jewel of Fort Worth – the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. However, with 36 car accidents reported in 2023, it’s also a notorious danger zone.

The area explodes with activity thanks to world-famous attractions like Billy Bob’s Texas, the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, the Stockyards Museum, the twice-daily Fort Worth Herd cattle drive, and the ever-popular Rodeo Park. This vibrant mix of tourists and locals translates to heavy traffic, and often, driver confusion.

Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth
Billy Bob’s Texas

The unique dangers at this intersection stem from several factors. Firstly, US-287 is a major highway with fast-moving traffic, while SH-183 caters to both local and tourist traffic. This difference in speeds can create dangerous situations, especially for drivers unfamiliar with the area who might misjudge gaps in traffic.

Secondly, left turns onto or across US-287 can be tricky due to the high volume of vehicles. These factors combine to make left-turn accidents and rear-end collisions particularly common at this spot.

Be extra cautious when approaching this intersection, especially on weekends and during events at Rodeo Park. Allow ample following distance, double-check for oncoming traffic before turning, and be aware of potentially distracted drivers unfamiliar with the area.

3. IH-35W & Seminary Drive

Located near La Gran Plaza Mall, this intersection had a total of 40 accidents last year, making it one of the most dangerous.

La Gran Plaza Mall in Fort Worth, Texas

Drivers merging onto and off of I-35W add to the congestion, along with the usual shopping traffic in the area. Watch out for aggressive drivers and improper lane changes, which contribute to the number of accidents in this location.

2. IH-35W & E. Berry St.

This intersection near downtown Fort Worth experienced 41 car accidents in 2023.

It features several lanes of traffic and fast-moving vehicles, and the combination of aggressive driving and improper lane changes makes it a prime location for collisions. Exercise extra caution in this area, as sudden braking or unexpected maneuvers are common.

1. IH-35W & SH-183

This interchange consistently tops the list for Fort Worth’s most dangerous intersection, with a staggering 44 accidents in 2023 alone.

The high volume of traffic at this central location creates a significant risk for accidents. Always be alert for sudden lane changes, distracted drivers, and unexpected congestion when passing through this intersection.


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