Geico Car Accident Claims & Settlements Guide (2024)

Geico auto accidents claims and settlements guide.

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Geico Car Accident Claims and Settlements in Texas.

Here is an overview:

About Geico

Geico’s Market Presence

  • Geico is the second-largest auto insurer in the U.S. with a market share of 13.5%.
  • Known for its affordable coverage, Geico insures more than 28 million vehicles.
  • It’s recognized for its efficient services and cost-effective policy options.

Famous Campaigns and Spokespersons

Geico’s marketing is distinguished by its humor and iconic characters like the Geico Gecko.

Geico Geck
  • The company’s catchphrase, “15 minutes could save you 15% or more,” is concise and memorable.

Unique Policy Features

  • Geico offers a variety of customizable insurance options.
  • It tailors policies to meet individual customer needs, differentiating itself from competitors.

Geico’s blend of extensive coverage choices, influential marketing, and policy customization options positions it as a prominent figure in the auto insurance landscape.

Geico’s Personal Injury Claims Process

Cartoon gecko on city street looking at car accident.

Filing a Claim

For those needing to file a claim for auto, motorcycle/ATV, or RV incidents, Geico provides two straightforward options:

  1. Online Submission: You can easily submit your claim through Geico’s online platform. This method is convenient and allows for a quick start to the claims process.
  2. Phone Contact: Alternatively, if you prefer speaking with a representative or require more personalized assistance, Geico offers the option to file your claim by calling their dedicated number at 800-841-3000.

These two methods ensure a user-friendly and accessible process for initiating your personal injury claim with Geico.

  • Begin by notifying Geico immediately after the accident.
  • Provide necessary details like the date, time, and location of the accident, and the involved parties.
  • You can file a claim online, via the Geico app, or by phone.

Documentation and Review

  • Gather and submit all relevant documents, such as police reports, photos of the accident, and medical records.
  • Geico will review the claim and assess liability and damages.

Geico’s Claim Investigation Process

When an accident is reported to Geico, they initiate a thorough liability investigation, managed by a liability examiner. This process is vital to ensure that each claim is handled accurately and fairly. Here’s a breakdown of the key steps in Geico’s liability investigation process:

  1. Review of Coverage: The liability examiner starts by reviewing the insurance policy to understand the coverage applicable to the reported loss. This step is crucial to determine the types of damage or injuries covered under the policy.
  2. Contacting Involved Parties: The examiner makes efforts to contact everyone involved in the accident. This includes drivers, passengers, witnesses, and any other relevant individuals. The purpose is to gather comprehensive accounts of the accident from various perspectives.
  3. Taking Statements and Gathering Information: In cases where there are conflicting reports about the accident, the examiner may want to conduct a detailed interview with you and the others involved. If this is the case, consider contacting a car accident lawyer for advice before answering questions about the accident, your injuries, or medical treatment.
  4. Document Review: Additionally, the examiner collects and reviews other relevant information such as police reports, applicable traffic laws, and photographs of the accident scene and the vehicles involved.
  5. Evaluation and Reporting: After gathering all the necessary facts, the liability examiner evaluates the cause of the accident.


  • Geico claims that it settles property damage claims in as little as 48 hours.
  • Geico will likely need more time to investigate and decide claims in which there is a dispute over who caused the wreck or there are severe personal injuries.
  • Once liability is determined, Geico will discuss settlement options.
  • Settlements cover vehicle repairs, medical expenses, and other damages.
  • An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you evaluate your settlement options, negotiate for a more favorable offer if necessary, help you get paid faster, and assist you with the settlement paperwork.

How to Negotiate with Geico After a Car Accident

Geico auto accident claims investigation process.

Immediate Actions

  • Contact Geico to report the accident but avoid giving a recorded statement.
  • Collect evidence: photographs, witness statements, and police reports.
  • Seek medical attention immediately and maintain a record of all treatments.

Maximizing Your Claim

  • Avoid accepting the first settlement offer from Geico.
  • Document ongoing medical treatments and any related expenses.
  • Keep detailed records of all conversations with Geico representatives.

The Role of an Attorney

  • Consult a personal injury lawyer before accepting any offer.
  • A lawyer can review the settlement offer and negotiate on your behalf.
  • Attorneys understand the complexities of insurance claims and can help maximize your settlement.

For further information on effective negotiation strategies, refer to the article: How to Write a Demand Letter for a Car Accident Settlement in Texas.

Examples of Geico Settlements & Verdicts in Personal Injury Cases

Settlement agreement with pen on desk with glasses and desk objects.

The outcomes of personal injury claims against Geico can vary greatly, depending on the specifics of each case. Here are some examples that illustrate the range of settlements and verdicts:

$30,001 Geico Settlement of UM/UIM Claim in Dallas, Texas

  • A pre-lawsuit settlement was reached with Geico under a woman’s underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage for the policy limit of $30,001.
  • The woman sustained a disc herniation in her lumbar spine from a car accident.
  • The woman also sustained shoulder injuries (a labral tear and bursitis).
  • Her treatment included physical therapy, appointments with a pain management specialist, and epidural steroid injections.

$14,000 Geico Settlement in Dallas Personal Injury Lawsuit

  • A female minor plaintiff was riding as a passenger in a vehicle when their car was hit by a defendant who ran a red light.
  • The plaintiff sustained soft-tissue injuries.
  • Geico insured the defendant.
  • The parties were unable to reach a settlement, so the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Geico’s insured, alleging negligence.
  • Despite denying the negligence allegations, Geico and the plaintiff settled for $14,000.
  • See England, individually anf K.E. v. Craig, No. CC-19-05498-B, in Dallas County Court at Law No. 2 (Nov. 3, 2022).

$241,791 Jury Verdict After Rejecting $7,500 Geico Settlement Offer

  • A plaintiff was injured in a seven-car collision caused by two other drivers.
  • The crash occurred when one driver rear-ended another, leading the other driver to swerve left and strike the plaintiff’s vehicle.
  • The plaintiff lost control of his vehicle and hit another vehicle.
  • Just six days earlier, the plaintiff had sustained injuries in a separate wreck, which were made worse in this wreck.
  • Before trial, the at-fault driver’s insurance company, Geico, offered to settle for $7,500.
  • The plaintiff rejected Geico’s low-ball settlement offer because the Geico policy limit was $100,000.
  • After a four-day trial, the jury awarded the plaintiff a sum of $241,791.
  • See Guevara v. Benavides, No. 2009CI07467, 45th Judicial District Court of Bexar County, Texas (Jan. 12, 2012).

These cases indicate that settlements with Geico can vary significantly based on the details of each incident, the severity of injuries, and the negotiation skills of the legal representatives involved. It’s important to note that the initial offers from insurance companies, including Geico, are often not their final offer.

Litigating Against Geico

Lawyers arguing to judge in a texas courtroomn.

Litigation against Geico in Texas involves several aspects that are crucial for personal injury lawyers and claimants to understand:

  1. Policy Limits: In Texas, it’s important to determine whether the policy involved is a minimum $30K/$60K policy or a higher-paying liability policy. This information can significantly impact the strategy for pursuing a claim. In my experience, drivers with Geico auto liability coverage typically have the minimum required coverage in Texas of $30,000 per person, $60,000 per incident.
  2. Common Reasons for Claim Denials: Geico may deny personal injury claims for various reasons, such as disputes over liability, lack of evidence supporting the claim, or issues related to policy coverage. Understanding these common denial reasons can help in preparing a stronger case.
  3. Settlement Likelihood without Lawsuits: In Texas, the perception among personal injury lawyers is that Geico tends to offer more reasonable settlement amounts once a lawsuit is filed. I have had a positive experience settling claims with Geico pre-lawsuit where there was clear evidence of fault. That said, prior to a lawsuit, Geico’s initial offers can be significantly lower than what might be deemed fair for the claim.
  4. Challenge in Lawsuits: Geico is known for its robust defense against lawsuits. They are usually well-prepared, which necessitates strong legal representation for claimants to navigate through the litigation process effectively. Geico defense lawyers can be aggressive in their approach, particularly when it comes to highlighting pre-existing conditions and inconsistencies in medical records.
  5. Vigorous in Discovery Objections: These lawyers are noted for their diligence in objecting to discovery requests, often going beyond what might be typically expected from Geico attorneys. Their rigorous approach can make the discovery phase more contentious. Motions to compel complete discovery responses are sometimes necessary when litigating against Geico attorneys.

In summary, litigating against Geico in Texas requires an understanding of their settlement tendencies, litigation strategies, and internal policies. Personal injury lawyers need to be adept at navigating these complexities to effectively represent their clients and achieve fair compensation.


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